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By guest, Apr 7 2015 08:37AM

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Jan 26 2016 05:55AM by MsHanson

Country Canopy and RV will always be a refuge for the desperate and ignorant. One repairman declared extensive dry rot on a damaged corner (non-existent) then tried to discover how much I was interested in selling it for, as he was in the market.

2 years after I dropped off my pop-up camper for a marker light repairs and a power cord, my friend had to retrieve this unit - and had to wait an additional 2 months because they had "important rush jobs."

The owner knew my disability would eventually spell the end of my camping days (and it has), stopped responding to my emails, then blamed me for not prodding him to finish this simple job. I can only imagine he was waiting for me to fade away.

Drive on. Baydo's RV is the next exit down.

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